Traffic Tickets

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Are you facing a traffic ticket that could lead to a hike in your insurance rates, cause you to lose your commercial license, or have your regular license suspended?

Whether you’re facing DUI charges or having points added to your license, our experienced attorneys  can help. Los Angeles-based traffic ticket attorney at GBA LEGAL has a strong relationships with LA’s judges, prosecutors, and police officers. They can help you to resolve your case, no matter what traffic offense you’re being accused of.

How a Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help

Speeding Tickets
Failure to Appear
Driving with Suspended License 
High Speed Violations
Hit and Run
Automated Red-light Tickets
Radar Tickets
Reckless Driving/Exhibition of Speed
– and All basic Traffic Violations
Some people think that the best thing to do when they are guilty of a traffic violation is to simply pay the fine and put it behind them. Little do they realize that once they plead guilty, they will almost always receive the maximum fine that the law allows. After all, the justice system and some law enforcement agencies are funded by traffic fines, so it’s in their best interest to extract the most money they can from every defendant.

As open-and-shut as a traffic violation may seem to you, a competent traffic ticket lawyer can explain that there are actually all sorts of variables you can use in your favor when accused of a traffic violation.

For example, radar guns are not infallible. If you’ve gotten a speeding ticket, your lawyer has the right to ask for the calibration records on the radar gun. Every radar gun must have a calibration record, and these records must be provided in court when requested. Sometimes, the police officer in question may not have kept up with his or her calibration records, or may not dig up the records before your court date. If this happens, our traffic ticket attorney  can easily argue that there’s not enough evidence to make your speeding charge stick since the burden is on the officer to prove the violation.

The example given above is just one way that a good traffic lawyer in California can help you beat a traffic charge. To find out how our experienced attorneys at GBA LEGAL can help you with your case, contact us today. You and your wallet will be very glad that you did!


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