DUI Offense/DWI Offense

The state of California has some of the stiffest penalties for a committed DUI offense. The state laws are created to provide protection to innocent citizens from a driver that makes poor judgments and who puts lives of other drivers or pedestrians in danger. The state maximum limit for a non-commercial driver is only .08% of blood alcohol level. You can be tested regardless whether you violated traffic laws. A suspicion of a DWI offense allows a patrol officer to conduct a traffic stop and administer testing to help determine your level of impairment.

Patrol officers will administer several tests to help make the determination of your ability to drive safely. A field sobriety test, blood alcohol test, and urine test are common ways that are used when you are suspected of committing a possible DUI offense. When you refuse any of these tests, it is no different than admitting your guilt. Your license will be suspended and you will be arrested and charged with a DUI or DWI offense. When your license is suspended, you will have the ability to schedule your DMV hearing within ten working days of notification of the suspension. After requesting a hearing, you need an experienced attorney to help restore your driving privileges.

GBA LEGAL Attorneys have the experience to investigate your DUI offense. All of the facts or errors that may have been committed during the handling of your offense will be reviewed. A DMV hearing is the last chance to restore your ability to drive after a DUI or DWI offense has occurred. Still choosing to drive can cause impounding of your automobile and extended suspension of your license.

If your license is suspended due to a single or multiple DUI offense, GBA LEGAL Attorneys will represent your legal rights and research all details related to the charge. As a citizen of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Alameda, Riverside, Santa Clara, San Diego, Ventura and Orange County you need an experienced legal partner to defend your state legal rights and fight to restore your driving privileges after a DUI or DWI offense.

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