Failure To Appear

Failure To Appear – Warrants

When you do not show up in court as required, the judge immediately issues a warrant in your name. This warrant is known as a Failure to Appear or FTA warrant. You can receive warrants for many reasons. The most common reason is when you sign a traffic citation and do not appear in court to make restitution of the offense. Your signature was your promise that you would appear in person in front of the judge. Your failure to appear in court can easily result in FTA warrants for your arrest.

After you are stopped, interviewed, or asked for your information by a law enforcement officer you are required by state law to give your name or driver’s license. When prior FTA warrants are found attached to your name, you will be immediately arrested and sent to jail. This creates further problems and fines that you will be forced to pay. GBA LEGAL attorneys understands the state laws and can make a defense of your legal rights in any California court. The issuance of a warrant in your name is never a good thing and should be immediately reviewed for accuracy.

FTA warrants are included on your personal record until cleared. This easily affects you ability to be considered for employment, state or government assistance programs, and to make the purchase automobile insurance after a background check is completed in your name. It is a wise decision to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney when you have active warrants in your name. A consultation will provide you with valuable information that you can use to understand your legal rights.

After you have received traffic tickets and did not appear in court on your scheduled day, it is likely that you have earned one or more warrants for your arrest.
GBA LEGAL Attorney’s are  available to help citizens of , San Bernardino, Orange, Ventura and Los Angeles County that seek legal representation for warrants or FTA warrants that have been issued and need immediate removal from permanent records.

Waiting may cause you to be detained and jailed!  So don’t wait call us today 24/7 at (818) 401-4725.
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