High Speed Violations

Driving too fast can result in accidents or injuries to you or a third party. The state of California can impose large fines, license suspension or revocation when you are caught exceeding the state maximum speed limits. Multiple citations for high speed violations can result in the rapid suspension of your driver’s license after the accumulation of too many points in a one-year period. GBA LEGAL has experienced traficc ticket attorneys who can assist you in your case.
After committing high speed violations, your insurance rates will rise. This creates a higher cost to you and the insurance company may find that you are no longer insurable as a high-risk driver. You would have to provide a state minimum surety bond to be able to legally drive. If your license is suspended due to the accumulation of points, you will have to schedule a hearing with DMV no later than 10 days after you receive notification of suspension.These hearings are meant to evaluate your right to legally drive considering your high speed violations. You have the right to retain a knowledgeable attorney. The hearing does not admit your guilt or determine your innocence. GBA LEGAL Attorney’s can successfully argue on your behalf and review the facts of your driving history. Questions can be asked and important documents can be used to aid in restoring your driving privileges. The accuracy of the information and experience of your attorney will increase your chance of success during the hearing.
If your driving license remains suspended, your ability to drive is lost. When you continue to drive an automobile, you face impounding of your automobile, extended license revocation, large fines, and jail time. GBA LEGAL Attorney’s are  available to help citizens of , San Bernardino, Orange, Ventura and Los Angeles County that seek legal representation for their high speed violation. You need a legal team that knows the state laws and can help defend the legal right to drive. DON’T WAIT! CALL US TODAY (818) 401-4725.
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