Hit and Run

When you leave the scene after an accident, this is known as a hit and run in the state of California. The accident does not always involve another driver. It can also be with private property, animals, pedestrians, or public property. Your fleeing is considered an offense under state law. This can result in either a felony or misdemeanor charge. A simple misdemeanor can result in the addition of points on your license. A felony involves injuries or death to a third party.

When you accumulate too many points in a one-year period or commit a felony hit and run, your license will immediately be suspended. Your inability to drive can interfere with your daily life and may cause you to lose employment. According to current law, you have a short ten day period to request a DMV hearing to review your request to reinstate your driving privileges. This hearing is not like a trial and will not discover your guilt or uncover innocence. Retaining a knowledgeable attorney before a DMV hearing can help to review the facts of your license suspension and provide the best defense to help restore your right to drive.

Many citizens do not understand the laws for hit and run and are surprised after being charged. GBA LEGAL Attorneys provides legal assistance to you when you are charged with motor vehicle offenses. Losing your right to drive is never a pleasant time in your life and continuing to drive will result in further actions against you. Jail time, large fines, bail payments, and extended suspension of your license are some of the results that you will face.

When you are involved with a hit and run, TRAFFICLAWYERSLA.COM’s Attorneys can help to defend your legal rights and review the details of your charge in San Bernardino, Orange, Ventura and Los Angeles County that seek legal representation for a FREE consultation with a reliable attorney is the best way to learn your legal rights in a DMV hearing and in a court of law.

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