Radar Tickets

Law enforcement officers use modern technology to help catch you speeding. The use of laser radar guns has resulted in drivers receiving expensive radar tickets that must be paid. Officers depend on these devices to help single out your automobile when it exceeds the maximum speed limits on California roadways. When you are caught speeding, you will be given a ticket that includes the actual reading of the laser radar gun. These guns are accurate, but not always precise due to a number of factors that can limit the reliability and reporting accuracy.Citizens that are issued radar tickets have the option to sign the ticket and pay the fine or contest the ticket in a court of law. The issuance of these tickets is based on the judgment of a law enforcement officer who uses modern technology to assist in making a judgment. When you believe that you are innocent and did not violate a traffic law, GBA LEGAL Attorneys can provide an accurate consultation and advise you on your legal rights to contest your ticket in front of a judge in court.Creating an accurate defense of radar tickets starts with an in-depth consultation to review the information regarding your ticket. Working with experienced attorneys that have knowledge of the faults and inaccuracies of radar guns is a wise decision. Radar guns have been proven to be inaccurate in many situations and this knowledge is useful to increase the chance of successfully eliminating your ticket. You have the legal right to challenge the accuracy of a radar gun in a California court of law.

It is possible to beat your ticket and prove that a law enforcement officer made an error in issuing your ticket. GBA LEGAL understands the law and will help to provide fair representation to you in a California court. All citizens of Riverside, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange, Ventura and Los Angeles County can benefit from a reliable team at GBA LEGAL that is knowledgeable of state laws and work hard to beat radar tickets.

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