Red Light Tickets

California is one of the many states that have installed red light cameras to catch you committing red light violations. These measures are to provide an accurate way for law enforcement to provide proof of you breaking motor vehicle laws. With the installation and use of these cameras, getting stopped by law enforcement officers is no longer the only way to receive red light tickets. When you receive red light tickets, you must understand your legal rights under state law to accept or contest your ticket.

The issuance of a red light ticket means that you have prematurely turned on or passed through a red light at an intersection. You will receive a citation regardless if it is due to a traffic stop or red light camera. Your ticket will add one point to your driving record. When you have accumulated tickets, this one point could put you over the limit of points that are allowed within a year. Your license can be suspended and you will need to request a DMV hearing to restore your driving privileges.

Like all electronic and software devices, red light cameras are prone to errors. GBA LEGAL Attorneys are experienced in discovering flaws that may exist in these cameras. Human errors can also be made during the issuance of red light tickets. You have the legal right to contest any ticket that you have received in a courtroom. Why pay for a ticket when you are not 100% sure you committed a crime? Argue the facts in the California courts using the help of an experienced traffic ticket attorney.

The issuance of a citation by a law enforcement officer or your receipt in the mail of a citation and photo of you behind the wheel of your car does not make you guilty. This information should be challenged in a court room in front of a judge. GBA LEGAL Attorneys provide consultations and legal representation to the residents of Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Los Angeles County.

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