Speeding Tickets

When you receive speeding tickets in California, be prepared to pay more than the cost of the ticket. Your automobile insurance company may raise your insurance. You are required to attend traffic school when planning to remove the points from your license. To contest the charge in a court of law, you have to pay included fines or court assessment costs, which usually exceed the fines. These extreme measures imposed by the state are meant to decrease accidents that are the result of driving at a high rate of speed. Any person that gets caught driving too fast will pay.When you are in the middle of a traffic stop conducted by a law enforcement officer, you will be issued a ticket that you must sign. You are not admitting guilt by signing your ticket, but rather promising that you will show up to scheduled appearance in court. You can choose to admit your guilt and pay for the ticket. You will receive information by mail where to make your payment. When you feel that you were wrongly accused and issued one or more speeding tickets, you have the legal right to contest the citation in any California courtroom with the help of an attorney of your choice. GBA LEGAL has the experience needed to fight tickets in a courtrooms all over Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange Country.After the issuance of speeding tickets, points will be added to your driver’s license. These points can quickly accumulate and too many points in a year will cause you to receive a suspended driver’s license. This removes your right to drive, but you have the legal right to schedule a DMV hearing. You and your trusted attorney should attend the hearing. You can use verbal statements, questions, and supporting documents to help get your driving privileges back.After you are issued speeding tickets and refuse to accept guilt, GBA LEGAL attorneys will stand by ready to assist you with a consultation or representation of your legal rights.

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