Suspended Driver’s License

A violation of traffic law can result in a suspended driver’s license. Most people are aware of the absence of automobile insurance, leaving the scene of an accident, and reckless driving can result in a suspension. You may not know that an arrest warrant can be issued in your name for failure to pay traffic tickets or appear for a scheduled court hearing. Your refusal of a blood alcohol test after a law enforcement officer suspects you of committing a DUI will result in your license suspension as well. Your involvement in vandalism, drug offenses, and failure to pay child support can all end up in a suspended license.

When your license is suspended, a notice is mailed to the DMV and you will be notified of the suspension. You will receive a 30-day temporary license. You have approximately ten business days by law to request what is known as a DMV hearing for the chance to restore your driving privileges. When you do not request a hearing within the required time limit, your suspended driver’s license begins after the termination of your 30-day temporary license. Your ability to drive will be lost unless you fight to restore your driving privileges.

You need a knowledgeable attorney during this stressful time period. Your Ticket Doctor defends your legal rights and argues in DMV hearings or inside a court of law on your behalf. Without legal representation, you could lose the DMV hearing and your license will remain suspended. When you make the decision to drive with a suspended driver’s license, you will immediately be arrested, have to pay your bail, and be forced to pay large fines.

When you have a suspended driver’s license, GBA LEGAL Attorney’s will review the facts of the incident that lead to your suspension. Residents of Los Angeles, Ventura Orange County, San Bernardino and Riverside need an experienced legal team that will defend their legal rights. Relying on the assistance from trusted legal professionals who understand the law will help increase the chances of restoring your permanent driving privileges.

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